Acoustic ceilings supported by the strengths of stone wool

Acoustic ceilings supported by the strengths of stone wool

Rockfon stone wool ceiling tiles and panels are known for their beauty and performance characteristics - acoustic control, fire protection, humidity resistance, durability and light reflection. The Rockfon product range not only comprises a wide selection of acoustic ceiling tiles, but it also features islands and baffles.

Our specialty metal ceilings are designed and fabricated to the highest standards. Metal ceiling panels and tiles are a great choice for commercial ceiling tiles and are available in a range of shapes, sizes, and finishes, in standard and custom configurations.

We offer Chicago Metallic suspension systems that provide a range of options for ceilings. The assortment includes great-looking, high-performance solutions that are the preferred choice of many contractors.

From acoustics to fire performance, our products offer a range of key benefits that will improve a whole host of commercial areas.

  • Acoustics – Based on proven acoustical design practices, the three step optimized acoustics process ensures results go beyond just good acoustic ceilings and provide the best sound experience.
  • Aesthetics – Stone wool acoustic tiles for ceilings have a smooth, bright white, reflective acoustic ceiling tile texture - that won’t sag or fall out of the grid - to support any interior design.
  • Indoor environmental quality – Rockfon acoustic ceiling materials support indoor environmental quality (IEQ). Stone wool is naturally fire resistant, creating a safe, fire-resilient space, while resisting mold and mildew growth to support healthy indoor air quality.
  • Light reflection & light diffusion – Light reflective tiles help maximize natural light for reduced energy consumption with high light reflectance and increased visual comfort with high light diffusion. Proper lighting has been proven to affect your health and wellbeing.
  • Fire performance – Building codes require the use of Class A fire resistant ceiling tiles with a Flame Spread Index of 25 or less and a Smoke Developed Index of 50 or less, and tested to meet UL 723/ASTM E84 and Class A per ASTM E1264 or FHC 25/50 in combination with the use of fire rated grid suspension systems in some applications.
  • Aesthetics & Design – Acoustic ceiling design ideas go beyond smooth, white, modern monolithic 2x2 tile and grid drop ceiling systems. Decorative ceiling solutions include colorful panels, custom finished suspension systems, lightly textured surfaces, recessed edges, staggered layouts, large sizes, arches and curves, and more.
  • Seismic – Acoustic ceiling seismic requirements and code compliance not only includes meeting ASTM E580, E3090, C635 and C636, ASCE 7 and the IBC standards, but also complying with the project’s Seismic Design Categories A, B, C, D, E or F.
  • Humidity & Water Resistant – Humidity resistant ceilings prevent sagging tiles, when the suspended ceiling is constructed with water-resistant, stone wool, acoustical ceiling panels, tiles and planks.